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Stories of Japanese Rivers

  • 60min.×13 episodes
Stories of Japanese Rivers

The 21st century has been called the “Century of Water”.
With the importance of resources under review, “Stories of Japanese Rivers” introduces the deep connection of everyday life with reivers as well as the Japanese industries and culture that have been created by rivers.
There are as many as 14,000 Class A rivers in Japan, each with its own beauty with individuality.
It is this beautiful river scenery of Japan that is featured in this program.

#1 Chikugo River (Kumamoto-Fukuoka)
#2 Shinano River (Niigata)
#3 Kano River (Shizuoka)
#4 Tama River (Tokyo-Yamanashi)
#5 Kinugawa River (Tochigi-Ibaraki)
#6 Gokasekawa River (Miyazaki)
#7 Omonogawa (Akita)
#8 Nagaragawa River (Gifu)
#9 Yoshinogawa River (Tokushima)
#10 Kamogawa (Kyoto)
#11 Kisogawa (Nagano-Gifu)
#12 Shimantogawa River (Kochi)
#13 Fujikawa (Yamanashi-Shizuoka)

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